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Michael Dorsey is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and author.  He has been featured in Success from Home, Networking Times, Home Business Connection, Cutting Edge magazine and others.  He is a professional speaker and has trained at events, on the same stages as world-class speakers and leadership experts. He lives in the Atlanta, Georgia suburbs with his family. Under the tutelage of his late father, Michael J. Dorsey, he was able to go from mowing lawns to making millions from home. 

This book is his way of sharing a few things that he’s learned that will help you in the pursuit of your dreams, whether you are inside or outside of the network marketing industry.  Enjoy!  


In 6 Inches from $uccess you will learn concepts to help you lead a successful life.  I used these concepts to go from mowing lawns to making millions from home.  Enjoy!

The Book


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Michael Dorsey